March 23, 2019
During his time as the Chief Executive Officer of the Indonesia-based Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has helped to create enormous growth of a number of sugar products. Many of these products have become household names in Indonesia, like Gulaku, a premium, commercial sugar product. that is a household name all over Indonesia.

As someone whose business depends on the easy availability of natural resources, it is obvious why Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published a book entitled “Blue Gold,” which is a frank discussion of the potential problems faced by the world when it comes to the availability of water. There is no doubt that water is our most critical and precious commodity, and it has to be protected as a valuable resource. Not only is it a crucial element of human life, but businesses also depend on it greatly. It is Gunawan Jusuf’s business background that gives him the insight to write an entire book about water. The Sugar Group Companies obviously depend on water to produce their wide variety of sugar products.